Dedicated engineering staff utilizing the latest AutoCAD software including inventor and AutoCAD 2013.
Engineering Examples:
autocadThese are high temperature material handling racks for a local automotive customer. These racks were engineered to maximize space in the customers curing oven. These racks are made from stainless steel to withstand temperatures up to 1100°F.

autoCAD 2Precisely feeds and measures free-flowing and non-free-flowing bulk solids, granules and powders. Achieves superb volumetric performance through flexible, funnel-shaped hopper that is mechanically agitated from the outside. Easily disassembles, easily cleans because of quick coupled components, maximizing uptime. Optimize product flow with external paddle agitators that reduce bridging.

autocad_1The ClearWater BMP is a powerful advancement in sidewalk curb inlet filtration technology. Specifically designed for retrofitting under the sidewalk within the curb and gutter system, it handles heavy storm water flows with ease, utilizes mosquito free technology, and requires no excavation or concrete modification.