Contract Manufacturing with Kalamazoo Fabricating

Kalamazoo Fabricating is the single source contract manufacturing provider for all your metal fabrication needs. Our large 157,000 sq/ft manufacturing area and broad range of experience enables us to take on your next project. We provide CNC laser, precision forming, fabricating and welding, engineering, machining, paint and blast, and controls automation services for a wide range of industries and applications.

Industries Served

We provide precision metal manufacturing and fabrication for a broad range of industries around the world including medical, pharmaceutical, food, energy, automotive, mining, aerospace, and more.

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What Makes Us Different

Product Longevity
We have equipment still operating in the field that was built over 57 years ago.

Experienced Craftsmen and Staff
Our extraordinary craftsmen average 23+ years of welding experience and are skilled in a variety of unique and difficult materials, as well as challenging designs. As a whole, our staff averages 20+ years of manufacturing experience.

On Time Delivery
Our on-time shipment record stands at 100% for 2019.

Superb Workmanship Backed with a Guarantee
We are so confident in the workmanship and performance of our finished product that we offer a 100% performance guarantee, known as the Kalamazoo Fabricating Performantee®-guaranteeing that the finished products we manufacture will achieve the specific results for which it was designed.



How We do Business

We begin every project by assigning your company to one of our dedicated engineers who will review or complete your design using AutoCAD 2020. After your design approval, the project will then be released to manufacturing using our ERP system for managed execution.

Production takes place in our clean and modern fabrication shop and is then finished to your required paint color and specifications at our dedicated paint facility. Then, final assembly, including installation of any electrical panels, controls, or drive components takes place at our final assembly building.

Your product is then inspected, and test run to your specification and skidded for delivery. If we can’t deliver the product with our dedicated fleet of vehicles, we will arrange shipment using the carrier of your choice.

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Are We the Right Choice for Your Next Project

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