Group of Companies


KMC Global is a group of wholly-owned, individually managed, companies that design and manufacturer equipment that enhances how industry processes material. Serving customers in a broad spectrum of industrial manufacturing sectors such as; food, chemical, automotive, mineral processing, industrial manufacturing, agricultural, foundry, metals recycling, and energy, the group of companies helps these processing and manufacturing-based sectors optimize production and reduce waste. Some of the equipment manufactured by the group companies include; conveyors, material screeners, metal crushers, bulk bag loading and unloading equipment, coolant filtration equipment, and wastewater treatment equipment.

In addition to fully supporting a strong, growing customer base, the companies within the KMG Global group offer complimentary equipment and services to each other. The synergies were part of the strategic acquisition process designed to make the group stronger and increasingly more competitive through increased engineering and manufacturing capacity, complimentary pricing structures, and on-going technical collaboration. The partnership of these companies affords industry customers greater access to a full-line of material handling and scrap processing equipment and systems, while the vast engineering knowledge and experience of the combined companies affords equipment technology advances and opportunities for expansion into new markets. The corporate culture, driven by leadership and entrenched within each company, are the vision and values founded on a family focus with integrity, trust, and pride. The individual companies focus on a continuous improvement process through Kaisen events and lean manufacturing principles. KMC Global group of companies proudly consists of:

Hapman – Hapman is a design/build manufacturing company that makes conveying and bulk material handling equipment for dry bulk product handling. Hapman, the company that invented Tubular Drag conveying technology, has an expansive line of standard and custom equipment for unloading, bagging, conveying, mixing, and meter feeding dry product for process. Hapman holds several equipment technology patents and strives to push equipment design beyond traditional structures and boundaries, bringing exceptional value to customers.

Kalamazoo Fabricating – Kalamazoo Fabricating is the custom metal fabrication division of PRAB, Inc. Serving all of the group companies, Kalamazoo Fabricating offers a unique advantage in terms of customization with a cost structure that resembles mass production. In addition to supporting the group, Kalamazoo Fabricating has a well-established and growing regional business in contract manufacturing. The contract manufacturing business involves custom designed and fabricated metal components delivered to customers in an on-demand system, coupled with an aggressive cost structure.

Ofama Vibra – Ofama Vibra is located in Opole, Poland and is a manufacturer of material handling and screening equipment. The Ofama operation is founded on engineered, top-quality equipment that customers can rely on for continuous or batch processes. Ofama Vibra is the sister company for PRAB.

Europe, and Hapman Europe, serving as the design, manufacturing, and customer service hub for the European market.

PRAB, Inc. – PRAB is an industrial manufacturer of metal chip and stamping material processing systems and fluid filtration equipment. PRAB also has a complete line of industrial wastewater treatment equipment for recycling and reusing wastewater. PRAB is headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan with two manufacturing facilities and over 100,000 sq ft of shop capacity. The PRAB name is synonymous with engineered, heavy-duty, metal processing and fluid filtrations systems. The PRAB equipment and systems work in some of industries harshest environments, operating 24/7 without fail.

STC Dip Spin – Located in Kalamazoo, MI, STC Dip Spin is a manufacturer of standard and custom coating equipment for use in industrial parts manufacturing. The coating industry is a unique and dynamic industry requiring close relationships and trust from paint and coating manufacturers and end users. Mechanically coating parts accurately and efficiently is critical to the stability of the coating and the overall life and operational quality of the part. The engineers at STC Dip Spin have built the necessary trust and relationships with coating manufacturers for over 40 years. This collaborative partnership has driven the technology and quality equipment and systems offering of the STC Dip Spin line.

Triple S Dynamics – Triple S has three plants located near Dallas, Texas. Widely known in the industry for the invention of the SlipStick, horizontal motion conveyor, and the Texas Shaker, precision screener for dry granular materials, Triple S has over 125 years of industrial engineering knowledge and experience with over 15,000 installations worldwide. Triple S has a complete line of material handling equipment such as; vibrating conveyors, vibrating screens, size reduction equipment, and density separators.