About Kalamazoo Fabricating

Kalamazoo Fabricating was first established as a full-service steel fabricating facility. Since then, we have added capabilities and facilities to make us a single source provider, and one of the premier metal fabricating and contract manufacturing operations in West Michigan.

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Kalamazoo Fabricating is the single source provider for all your metal fabricating and contract manufacturing needs. Located in Kalamazoo, Michigan our three buildings, with a combined 157,000 square feet, enable us to take on most any project. Skilled at precision cutting, forming, fabrication and welding, engineering, machining, paint and blast and controls automation. Experienced in a wide range of applications within the medical, pharmaceutical, food, energy, automotive, aerospace industry, and more.

As a privately held family owned company operating in a collaborative environment, everyone from the CEO to the shipping manager works together with the goal of providing the best products and service to our customers.


We are part of KMC Global, a group of companies brought together for our similarities and unique differences. Kalamazoo Fabricating, along with its sister companies, serve a strong and growing customer base in a diverse range of industries. The companies within the KMC Global group offer complimentary equipment and services to each other. These synergies are part of the strategic acquisition process designed to make the group stronger and more competitive. The partnership of the group is capitalized through increased engineering and manufacturing capacity, complimentary pricing structures, and shared engineering knowledge. The experience of our combined companies leads to equipment technology advances and opportunities for expansion into new markets.



Corporate Culture

The corporate culture, driven by leadership and entrenched within each company, is founded on a family-focus with integrity, trust, and pride. The individual companies are built on a continuous improvement process through Kaisen events and lean manufacturing principles. These principles provide a solid operational foundation upon which the vision and stability of leadership works to support each of the member company’s core competencies.



Company Vision

Kalamazoo Fabricating will be an excellent company where our customers brag about doing business with us and we are proud to have our family and friends work here.

Company Mission

Kalamazoo Fabricating will provide our customers with superior solutions by having excellent application knowledge, equipment, customer service and support.

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Performance Guarantee

Kalamazoo Fabricating products come with a 100% operational guarantee, known as the Kalamazoo Fabricating Performantee®—guaranteeing that the finished products we manufacture will achieve the specific results for which it was designed.



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